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Have a story you would like to share? A creative idea you would like express? Get involved at Her Productions! At any one time we are involved in a number of projects, expanding across a range of multimedia. Read below to find out what they are and how you can get involved.

Drop us an email outlining your idea, ask for a specific program, or find out how you can come on board! Click on the 'Contact Us' tab and fill in the form.

Supported Initiatives

Forget Me Not is an initiative aimed at the 20-35 year old demographic to raise awareness of dementia and offer support to carers and those with dementia. 

For their first event, they are putting together a Cocktail Evening on September 25th, for 250 young people, at the MCA at Circular Quay. The aim of the game is to raise money, and create a sense of awareness and support amongst their own generation. From their own experience, they found that having a loved one with dementia can be isolating and lonely - this night is about them coming together to share the experience and their stories, and their vision to help reduce impacts of the disease in future. 

Check out their website


Training Workshops

Public Events


Youth Spring Retreat

An overnight retreat where participants partake in leadership workshops, outdoor team building exercises, arts and craft and physical sporting activities.

To register interest in this program, please contact Layla at


PlayBox Performance Workshops

PlayBox is a performing arts program that will provide a visual medium for young women to document the experience of growing up Vietnamese-Australian. Through weekly theatre and short film workshops, the program will encourage different forms of self expression through body, voice and use of space. Please contact for further details about the program.

For pure television enquiries, please contact Helen at


Self Portrait Leadership Workshops

The objective of the workshop is to foster authentic discussions about the nature of leadership, what it means to be a leader in one's own life, what limitations are posed in the pursuit of leadership and how these limitations can be overcome.

If you would like to nominate your school to be part of the programme, please contact


Schools Program

"In My Own Words," was a project designed and implemented by the Voice Box to give young Vietnamese women in secondary schools throughout Melbourne an opportunity to create their own 30 minute radio show which was publicly broadcast as part of our timeslot.

From July to October 2004, we worked with 6 schools to create a total of 8 diverse shows :

  • Preston Girl’s Secondary College
  • Wellington Secondary College
  • Killester Girl’s College
  • Debney Park Secondary College
  • Melbourne Girl’s College
  • Coomoora Secondary College
  • Gilmore Girls' Secondary College

The process for each group involved 3 workshops: 1) Introduction to the program 2) Scripting 3) Recording at the 3CR studios. The students were trained in such skills as "panelling," (operating the sound equipment) and scripting a show based on an issue of interest to them. These resulted in shows such as, "The Vietnamese Language," "How Vietnamese people make money," and "To confront or not to confront."

We congratulate all the teachers who made this program possible and the young women who generously shared their stories on air.

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