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Hong Helen Diana Ai Diem Trang Helen Layla Thuong Christine

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Diem Trinh Suong Hoa Mary Phuong


Being a part of this project is a reminder to myself every day that we all have a role to play in shaping our communities; that the process itself, when driven by purpose, faith, and blank refusal to accept the status quo, is more important than the outcome.

When Her Productions began as a radio program in 2004 called The VoiceBox, we didn't know what to expect. We still have no clue.

But ultimately, we have found here a space where the opportunity to ask questions about ourselves, our community and our role in it, becomes available, and this is why we continue to do what we do.

We hope you enjoy the ride.

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I believe in the power of knowledge and the acquisition of inner faith through self discovery, self love and self confidence. The greatest lessons are formed through the exploration of our senses and the connection we form with others. Her Productions is a dynamic team of real and dedicated young women who wish to transpire their wisdom and experience with a wider network of younger Vietnamese women in the community.

I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of our interactive projects which inspire inner growth, leadership and teamwork. I am honored to be part of the Her Productions team which implements the perfect social setting in which young Vietnamese women may be inspired to be pioneers of their own lives and in the wider community.

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I am a Community Liaison Officer and work with newly arrived refugees in the South Eastern Suburbs. I am also artistic Director for a Sudanese Youth Theatre Group and performing arts faciliator for Trax, a community arts project in Preston.

Being a second generation Australian Vietnamese, Her Productions provides young women in our community a voice and and source of empowerment. I feel empowered when I perform, and have been performing in Melbourne for three years. My aim is to help young people find a way to express themselves, whether in words or performance.

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Based on a range of personal experiences I am passionate about social justice, advocating for, and working with people to enable them to realise their potential in life. I believe that personal barriers can be overcome, and I have learnt to overcome them by understanding that my insecurities are a product of my own creation.

Since September 2007 I have been fortunate enough to become involved with Her Productions. It has been an incredible yet challenging experience, working for a program that aims to empower young Vietnamese women to become leaders in their own lives, while at times still working to recognise this quality in myself.

Amongst a diverse group of talented young women, however, I am constantly inspired to let go of my security blanket, to trust and value my voice and make a difference in the community.

Through my work in community development initiatives such as Her Productions, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

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I completed my final year as a B.A. (Media and Communications) student at the University of Melbourne in 2007. I am passionate about issues relating to gender, sexuality and multiculturalism. As well as being a Her Productions team member, I am also a Youth Communications Officer for the City of Melbourne, work part time as a Roving Reporter for Youth Central and tutor students from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Being involved with the Her Productions is challenging, inspiring and a lot of fun. I work with an amazing group of young women and feel as though I am able to make a positive contribution to the community. 

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I manage the online networking and technical aspects of the project. By doing so, I am hoping to be able to reach a larger audience of viewers and listeners as well as provide a wider awareness of the opportunities that can be achieved through the programme.

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Ai Diem  

Ai Diem loves the airwaves and is a proud member of Her Productions. She contributes as a host on the radio programme Off air she sings, acts, models and like to cook.

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Coming on board the team, I came to realize that it encompassed so many ideals that we all hold dear: giving voice to our loved one’s experiences and sharing our own with an audience that we hope we can reach out to.

Her Productions has proved to be a medium of communication between various sectors within the community in which we live in, and a recognition of the struggles and achievements of those that have made our world a better place to be in.

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I have been with the program since it began in 2004. Over the last few years I have seen Her Productions develop from a radio program into an incredible multimedia organization.

It is fantastic to be a part of an all-female team producing your own media. We use our own experiences and stories togive a context to some of the issues we are discussing, in the hope of inspiring our listeners and giving them a platform of their own to speak out.

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Call it a 'gut feeling' if you will but I knew that this program had the possibility of being something amazing. I truly believe in the objectives underlying the initiative and I feel fortunate in having the opportunity to constantly meet and work with so many interesting women.

It's a project that undeniably challenges the skills of everyone involved while also simply being a lot of fun...As evident by many of our recordings!

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I became involved with The Her Productions because I feel that there isn’t enough recognition of the diversity and achievements of young Vietnamese women and as a result, there are very limited role models for Vietnamese girls growing up. There has certainly been recognition of the academic achievements of Vietnamese girls, but I hope that this can be extended across all fields, so that girls can not only dream of one day becoming actresses, musicians, artists, fashion designers and athletes, but also have the belief that it can be done.

I hope that through the Her Productions, by increasing awareness of the achievements of young Vietnamese women, and through initiatives such as our School’s Project, we are able to contribute to an environment where girls feel confident enough to challenge some of those boundaries set for us by society, tradition, our parents, and most importantly ourselves.

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Like any other group of people, young Vietnamese women encompass a wide spectrum of traits, abilities and histories. The radio program was a way for us to create a positive sense of relatedness between the wider community and young Vietnamese women by being honest in discussing our past, present and future. It is also a launching pad for us to engage with other young Vietnamese women and share the experience of being involved in a radio program through our community projects.

For me, the joy of it lies in the challenge.

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The Her Productions is an exciting synergy of young women's energy and I look forward to each recording as it happens. We have a chance to have our voices and that of others heard and it's an empowering life changing experience. She is currently in Vietnam on an Asia link residency and you can check out her books on

*Hoa Pham is one of the rotating hosts of the Her Productions. She is doing a PhD in Creative Writing. What she loves about the Her Productions is getting to hear about stories that aren't often heard in the mainstream media.

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Mary grew up wanting to be a writer, mesmerised by the power & beauty of words, more so than the romantic idea of penning a novel.
She explored the impact of such words through the law at the University of Melbourne for 5 years before embarking on a new journey.

She is currently based in Sydney for a graduate studies in Journalism and intends to use every spare moment to trek the Earth with good company.

She relishes in free reading time, delights in crafting her own jewellery, indulges in fine food and wholeheartedly believes in the grassroots pursuit of change.

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